About Cobblestone Cookies

Award FlyerOriginated in Sonoma County, California, Cobblestone Cookies has now been relocated to its new home in the SF Bay Area. Cobblestone Cookies' original award-winning recipe (1st place Sonoma County Harvest Fair) and unique hand-rolled technique, perfected by its former owners, have also been handed down to its current owner with respect and care.

Although having changed ownership a couple of times, Cobblestone Cookies' legacy continues - a desire for preserving the good of a sophisticated, old-world flavor and a passion for creating a modern sense of healthy BUT delicious gourmet baked product are shared among the past and current owners.

When you bite into a Cobblestone Cookies' soft and moist Ginger & Spice tile, you're not just biting into an ordinary "gingerbread cookie." These amazingly delicious gourmet Ginger & Spice cookies are packed with layers of flavors and are unique in shape - they are hand-rolled tiles with beautiful Sonoma county floral and grape cluster patterns. The cookies are prepared and baked with care using only the highest quality ingredients, and each cookie is a unique tile that has been handcrafted for its customers who value products that are made with all natural and fresh ingredients.

Our Customers Say:

  • Spice up your life! Growing up in a Scandinavian family, Christmas included my Dutch grandpa's yummy, dark and spicy gingerbread. Nothing I have ever tasted has come close until I tried Cobblestone Cookies perfectly spiced, not too sweet, thick cut gingerbread tiles.
    - Kristin Viguerie in the Sonoma Valley Sun, December 15, 2010
  • Yummy, Delicious, Scrumptious, Delectable, Wonderful, Luscious. And so good with my cup of coffee!
    - Lisa, Yorktown Heights, NY
  • Your gingerbread tiles are just lovely.
    - Brenda, IA